Friday, January 30, 2015

I was almost sucked into it this time.

Well, sort of.  Yes,  I had fun with my Patriots friends about how the Patriots cheated.  It really is all you have when you are an Eagles fan.  That and hopes for next year.  I figure that somewhere in the years I have left there has to be a Superbowl win for the Eagles at some point . . . or not.  This is the sad life of an Eagles fan.

But anyhow, we are talking about the Seahawks and the Patriots.  I almost got sucked into the 'Deflate-gate' stuff.  Bill Bellicheck is cheating again.  Tom Brady is not the clean-cut good guy that everyone thinks he is.  Everyone was just lining up to hate on the axis of evil in New England.  I tried to hold off (other than some good-natured ribbing) - I had a feeling it was part of the usual media cycle of:

1. Look for someone to worship
2.  Worship someone.
3.  Trash someone.
4.  Watch as they burn.
5.  Look for someone new to worship.

That is the cycle it seems.   It was slightly different in the Patriots case because the characters have been around for a while but man do people love to build up and then slam people.

And now it looks like it may have never been an issue to begin with . . .

But really it doesn't matter because if you are getting together with people this weekend to watch the game I have a suggestion for you.  Instead of ranting about the supposed sins of one team or another (Richard Sherman's mouth or Marshawn Lynch's lack of it) remember that people 'get' Christ all in how you give it.  Even something as stupid as a football game speaks about who sits in the drivers' seat of our heart and mind.

So not like you have to watch the game like Mother Theresa blessing each and every player . . . but just remember that words build up or destroy.  Maybe someone hearing you give a fair shake to everyone might be more inclined to seek you out when they need a good word too.