Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doubt your Doubt.

My experience is that most people have a particular way of looking at the world or set of beliefs that inform the way that they live . . . and then there are the doubts.  Everyone has doubts.

These doubts are usually lurking somewhere far beneath the noise and busyness of our lives.  Perhaps that is why we love to be entertained so much – so that we don’t have to deal with the deeper questions.

Doubts come in many forms and it they usually creep in at night.  I have a friend who is an atheist who has flickers of hope that there is a God.  It teases him from time to time, but not enough to do anything about it.  On the other hand, there are those who are very public about their beliefs while nursing very private doubts about God’s existence.

We all have questions about the certainty of our beliefs.  And doubts can be a  powerful thing . . . corrosive even.

So what if instead of running away from our doubts, we exposed them to the same scrutiny as our beliefs?  What if we (literally) doubted our doubts?

This is the business of true skeptics – not just doubting a particular belief.  Just doubt alone is the choice to join a particular path of belief.  True skepticism doubts everything – even the place from where he doubts. 

Take a few minutes and read some of the entries on this site and see if you are a true skeptic - ready to re-think what you believe.

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