Thursday, May 5, 2011

The haze of suspicion

There are people that are clamoring for the proof of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  As if producing a photograph of the leader post-mortem is going to silence those who are suspicious of the event.  No way that is going to happen . . .  because radical ideas can linger in the haze of suspicion. 

You could say that the same kind of thinking is alive and well in the mind of the religious.  People who follow Christ have ignored the ‘fact’ that no one has or ever will raise from the dead.  The idea of faith and of Christianity remains in tact by ignoring this obvious conclusion.  To some, the haze is just as thick.

But we can’t forget the very opposite may also be the case.

Perhaps it is because of knowing about the very fickleness of human nature that God is not in the business of cataloging details about the resurrection.  Perhaps it is the profound unerstanding of human nature that led the entire resurrection planning and event to ignore the need for ‘proofs’ because in the end, it isn’t the objective proofs that really establish anything.

In the end it is what we experience as a result of the resurrection that gains the most credibility – the way it influences the trajectory of our lives.  That is the LIVING proof.

Maybe that is why God is not as impressed with crosses that hanging from our neck as he is with a transformed life.  Where we used to be selfish, now we think of others.  Where we used to get even, we now release and where we once celebrated the death and resurrection of the Son of God we allow His new life to be lived through us.  We are . . . born again.

And in the end, isn't that the proper way to celebrate a man’s death?

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