Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane a brewin . . .

Hurricanes are not supposed to get you excited . . . I know.

But I get really excited when a hurricane is coming.  Maybe it has to do with living through a handful of them in Ocean City growing up.  It pretty much meant great surf before and after - as well as a day of complete wind chaos.  And who doesn't love a little wind chaos every now and then?

I remember one particular hurricane - I think it was Belle, not sure though.  We were living on 3rd street and the "ocean met the bay" which was an ominous way of saying that the storm surge pretty much ravaged the island.  I was sitting on the porch at night in the middle of the storm and a lightning bolt hit an antenna across the street from us - it was right out of a movie with sparks flying and everything.  When a firetruck went down the street, the water was so high the truck stalled out right in front of our house.  I remember firemen trudging through knee-deep water.  It was so bad that the tenants below us came running upstairs because they were a little nervous about what was going to happen next!

I remember another hurricane that we waited out - a day of things blowing all over and heavy rain.  When the eye moved in, we went up to the boardwalk and looked around - everything was battered and churning.  As the eye wall moved in, the wind picked up and we loved leaning into the high gusts.

Of course I was young and it was all very exciting - the dark clouds brewing,  the people on the radio and TV warning of impending doom.  My parents even took us to the beach the day before to see the size of the waves.  Such drama!

Now of course you hear of people losing their lives and property and it has a little more weight to it.  You never wish any of that on anyone of course.

But there is still a good part of me that is anxious to get down there and show my own kids nature's awesome presence.  Of course they are still a bit young - maybe the next one!

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