Thursday, September 15, 2011

How the NFL may teach us more than just football . . .

So here is a fun little exercise:

Think of the NFL season that just started.  Tell me your memory of the NFL season for 2011.  Technically you can tell me about your memories of the season because it has started, but you can't really tell me about the season because it hasn't ended.  Weird, I know.  Read on.

This hit me when I was listening to Dan Patrick on Yahoo Sports Radio talk about who he thinks will win the superbowl this year (incidentally he thought it would be the Falcons over the Steelers).  This got me thinking of how crazy it is to reflect back on a season once it has ended.  What people think a season will be while it is still going on versus when it has completed are two different stories completely.  That is because something has to be completed for it to have been recalled or understood.

So I wondered if the same were true of time . . .

Is it possible to really know something before you have completed it?  Can you say that you like a dessert while it has just hit your tastebuds?  Or do you need the power of reflection in order to appreciate it - which incidentally happens after the food has gone down your throat.

So . . . and I know this is a stretch . . . but is it possible that life is the same way?  If all we have is this life to fully comprehend our lives, it is inconceivable.  Except for the fact that we have something beyond it from which we could appreciate it all.  If we only live once, how would we have the power of recall to fully grasp it?

Perhaps the second life that faith speaks of is the only way that appreciating this life is possible . . .

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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