Thursday, December 29, 2011

God's audition

Questions - its all what you do with them . . .

Everyone has questions about life, love, spirit - things that go beyond the grave.  It is what we do with them that matters.

Now you can take your questions as starting points - exciting incentives to chase down the answers that these questions bring.  Life becomes more adventuresome when you write down your questions, narrow them down to the top three and start pursuing them through books from both sides of the spectrum or conversations with people smarter than you.  Realize that this will take you years - buy a notebook, pursue with zest and always be open to learning.

Sadly, more often we treat our questions as speed bumps - like judges in a cheap talent show we poke our questions at the things we encounter in order to stay put and not be stretched.  In our usual discussion about faith and reason, both sides of the issue are guilty of this. 

"Yeah, but how do you actually think that God made the universe in six days?" 
"But if creatures evolved, how come the Bible doesn't talk about it?"

We use our questions as weapons - lobbing them to the other 'side' so that we don't have to look at the things that we have locked down and taken as gospel.  Atheists and Fundies are so guilty of this it is shameful.

We have to remember that questions are the soil in which we sow our understanding, not the stage upon which God auditions for our devotion.  You actually inhibit the realization of your answers when you take the seat of the critic when it comes to God.  Augustine asked us to believe in order to know and not the other way around. 

Now of course this doesn't mean put yourself at the feet of people, professors or priests - they are all just as fallible and fallen as are PhD's and experts of the sciences.  One believes in the God who is bigger than our ideas of Him so that our ideas can arrive at conclusions that are higher still. 

So what are your questions?  Better yet, what are your strategies for reaching their answers?  They can be found.

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  1. My question is what to say to people who state something like "Christianity is nothing but a cult - and people in this cult say that if you don't believe the way we do, you are going to hell?" I'm a believer, but I've had trouble responding to questions such as this.