Monday, March 9, 2015

Miley Cyrus as a Mom . . .

So yes, it is a joke (we think) that Miley Cyrus is going to be a mom.

The announcement was made that she was pregnant last week.  It was followed up with confirmation by her dad.  But weren't we all laughing when it was discovered that in fact she is pregnant with a pizza baby?

I mean really, what is more funny than seeing Miley Cyrus undergoing a pizza Sonogram?  Yeah, okay . . . it really is kind of creepy, actually.

But then I thought about it . . . what if she was pregnant?

It makes me scared to think if she was pregnant.  Well, actually scared and somewhat hopeful.  Two very different voices fight within me:

Judgmental Voice:

"This is clearly another publicity stunt to build her 'brand.'  This kind of makes me feel nauseous - playing with the formation of another life to get headlines.  Remember this is the same lady who pushed the limits of decency at VMAs and within weeks lit a joint at the European version of the same show.  She has admitted to her own addiction to attention and would do anything to keep it . . . including playing the baby momma.  When I think of how sweet and innocent little babies are and how much they are formed by their parents it makes me scared to think of a human who would be brought up in a petri dish of stardom, anxiety over attention and constant public speculation.  What kind of chance for a real life would this person really have?"

Voice of Grace:
"Judgmental John, I am shocked at how harshly you are judging this woman.  Snap out of it!  We are talking about life here.  A tiny baby is being formed and one day will breathe and cry and eat and sleep.  It is a miracle that it all happens at all!  The Bible speaks of life as a gift straight from God - no exceptions.  It doesn't say except when they come from immature self-centered starlets.  And what does any of that say about grace?  Couldn't God do whatever He wants with whomever He wants?"  

"Weren't they all shocked when a young lady named Mary was found to be with child?  In fact Mary's family sent her away to her cousin and her betrothed looked for a way to annul the marriage.  God does whatever He wants with whomever He wants."

Judgmental Voice:
"Umm . . . backup . . . there is no way you can put Mary and Miley in the same sentence.  One was a teenager who was used by God to carry the Messiah and the other is an overexposed attention hound.  You can't really be so naive as to think that just because someone gets pregnant that they are suddenly arrested by the enormity of it all.  How would any of this change Miley Cyrus?"

Voice of Grace:
"True - the two ladies are worlds apart - but one was created for the other.  The whole point of Mary carrying the Messiah is to show immature and overexposed attention hounds that there is more to this life than the constant attention of strangers.  Judging her will only send her down the road of self-destruction quicker.  Life and death are in the words we speak and we have the responsibility to speak grace wherever we can - even if it seems ridiculous.  No, especially because it seems ridiculous.  Grace, by its very nature is ridiculous but it gives life in the end."

Judgmental Voice:
"Point taken . . . but the whole thing does make you really thankful for mom."

Voice of Grace:
"Amen to that."

And so it ends on this.  I am grateful that I had a mother who put her life on hold for nine months to twenty-some years and invested everything she had to raise me.  She wasn't a saint but she certainly wasn't a self-centered . . . well, let's just say it could have been worse.  Thanks mom and thank you especially for the voice of grace that always wins when people are concerned.

I may never meet Miley Cyrus, but I will definitely meet lots of people in my life who need the grace of God to keep moving forward in life.  And that is good because I will definitely be someone who needs it at times too.

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