Thursday, June 11, 2015

Guess who is running for president?

Among the many we have Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  A Clinton and a Bush in line for the white house . . . again.

How is it possible that we will once again see the names Bush and Clinton in the race for president?  Is this a re-run?  Just how many Bushes are there?  

Disclaimer:  If you haven't guessed it already, I am not a political expert, but I don't think you have to be when things are this weird.  And really, this isn't a piece on politics.  I am an omnivore when it comes to views on government.  I see great ideas on both sides of the political aisle but don't love either exclusively.  

But I consider myself like most Americans - we have a ton of questions.  Questions like, "is Hillary running for president to really serve the country or is it just her turn?"  SNL did a great spoof on this - click here to see it.   She just feels so . . . fake.  At one point she claimed that she was named after Edmund Hillary (one of the first to climb Mt. Everest).  The problem with that claim is that she was born in 1947 and Hillary climbed Mt. Everest in 1953.  I am sure she is a really nice person, but is making her president more important for our country or her life goals?

And why Jeb Bush?

We have already had a couple Bushes in the White House.  Some people are pretty miffed at the last one.  We spent a lot of money and lost a lot of good people in the Middle East getting rid of a dictator and now we have a terrorist group.  Yup, a lot of factors go into that, but it sure has a lot of people vowing never to vote for a Bush again.  No doubt this will be Jeb's biggest hurdle: "so what do you think of what your brother did?"  Gracious.  How do you answer that . . . ?    

So regardless of how you think about it politically you are right.  Don't send me political comments - I am saying it already - you are right, regardless of where you land.  If you love the Clintons you remember that Bill presided over a surplus and lower taxes.  If you strongly dislike Bill all you have to say is "Monica."  Likewise, Bush fans love decisive leadership, faith and values.  Of course you can make a lot of that evaporate with by saying the word "stategery."  

But honestly this is bigger than politics.  Looking at all the candidates, this is the real question:

Is this the best we can do?

I mean really, there are people in my neighborhood that I would rather see leading the country than these two.  Forget the neighborhood, my wife is smarter than any of them and can run things better.  I'd vote for her.  I would bet you real money that you know at least three people who could run the country better than the dozen or so that are in the race.  So why are we putting up with these re-treads when we could do so much better?  We need a better way to get the right candidates on the ticket.  Here are my qualifications:

The new qualifications for president (2015):

1.  Candidates for office have to be happily married for more than 10 years (this shows they have the ability to negotiate effectively).  

2.  Candidates for office must teach in the public school system for at least 3 years (counter-terrorism training).

3.  Candidates for office must demonstrate that they saved someone's life at some point in their lives (bravery and compassion).
4.  Candidates have to take a vow of middle class.  If they are wealthy they need to get rid of their wealth . . . completely . . . no Swiss bank accounts.  Every candidate has to reduce their annual income for the rest of their lives to $80,000 (ensures connection with 'real' people).

5.  They have to demonstrate how to balance a budget.  If there was ever a time in their lives they paid out more than they made is cause for immediate disqualification (obvious requirement).

6.  Candidates for office must demonstrate that they know how to change the oil in their car, can cook three different edible dinners, know how to wash and dry their own clothes, can fix a toilet, have shopped for a family at Giant at least 20 times, can repair a light switch and clip coupons.

7. Candidates for office must have volunteered in a church or appropriate house of worship, community center, battered women shelter, drug addiction rehab or equivalent for a minimum of 300 hours.

8.  Candidates must agree that if they are elected they would spend the rest of their lives after office meeting with young people across the nation for no fee - inspiring them to use their lives for the good of others.

9.  Candidates must produce character witnesses that testify to the fact that they spend time each day seeking God's help and guidance (without TV cameras around).

Perhaps you have others, but at least these qualifications get rid of everyone currently on the list and puts more people up there that you and I would resonate with.  Yes, there are great reasons to love Hillary and to vote for Bush, but I think we can do better.  Please, for the love of all things sacred, someone revamp the qualifications for this office so that we can get good, honest people in there - beyond parties and for serving people.

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