Thursday, December 3, 2015

The confusion of yesterday . . .

So I am confused . . .

Yesterday another shooting happened in California.  Immediately gun control advocates take to the airwaves and point their finger.  Gun rights advocates pointed right back.  Talking heads.  Experts in their own agendas doing their best to not lose political ground in the shadow of a tragedy.

Then we heard it could be terrorism.

As if that makes it any different.  I mean, really - yesterday was all about the insanity of gun violence until it became about terrorism and then its a totally different issue?

Is it?

Evil is evil.  The darkness of evil doesn't boil down to whether you can or can't buy a gun.  It really isn't about our 2nd amendment rights.  It really isn't about the war on terror or Syria or ISIS.  We are losing control the more we talk about gun rights and gun control and airstrikes.  I don't have faith in these experts that claim they know what to do in response to days like yesterday.

This is the text that Terry Petit got from his daughter yesterday:

"Shooting at my work. People shot . . . Pray for us. I am locked in an office."

As a father, if I could ever have felt more helpless . . .

Like anyone, I don't want to have to pray for my daughter's safety.  But prayer is all we have in moments like these.  No politician's plans about guns or fighter pilot's airstrikes in Syria can help us in the midst of evil days like yesterday.  All the suits and press conferences and arguments and legislation can't fix the problem of evil.

We need help beyond ourselves . . . but no one wants to start there.

In response to the terrorist attack in Paris, a popular Charlie Hebdo cartoonist released this drawing:

It is a statement that comes from outrage and anger - frustration and a human spirit that won't give in to bullying and fright.  I agree with him that we don't need more religion.

But that is exactly why I am confused.  I agree with his premise, but not with his conclusion.  If our faith goes to music, kisses, life, champagne and joy then we are really lost.

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