Friday, March 25, 2016

So why do we call it Good Friday?

It seems strange that the day in which Christians remember the death of Jesus we call "Good Friday."

There really is nothing good about it.  He was handed over to the people in charge and they beat Jesus within an inch of His life and then crucified Him.  Nothing good about that it would seem.

Buddha fell facedown into his rice.  His last words were "Don't make me a god."

An easier way to go.

Jesus was abused before dying.  After forgiving the people who did this to Him Jesus cried out, "My God, why have you forsaken me?"  Words of anguish.

Was it anguish or prophecy?

Just like we throw a line from a song on Facebook, Jesus was quoting from Psalm 22.  Read it.  It describes the horrible agony of someone smitten by God.  Bones out of joint.  Dried mouth.  Heart about to burst.  Hands and feet pierced.  People at foot dividing his clothes - everyone mocking him.  Seems to describe Jesus' horrible last day.

One eerie note - Psalm 22 was written a thousand years earlier - 700 years before crucifixion was invented.

So why is any of this good?

Some experts believe it has to do with the word - perhaps it just means what it means.  It was good because it enabled us to be forgiven of our sins.  The punishment for my sins were upon Him - He took it in my place.  That is good (for everyone else but Jesus).


It could also be that he word good is a long term mutation of the word 'God."  Kind of like we say "Good Bye" (God Be with Ye).  Not as likely - as if to say it was God's Friday.  It doesn't even make a whole lot of sense - it really wasn't God's Friday.  If anything it was the Friday of darkness.  Between 12-3 darkness fell across the land.  A time of shadows.  Uncertainty and sadness.

It seemed that darkness had won.

It is probably most likely that Good Friday is called Good because the word Good used to mean "Holy."  The English language has changed quite a bit over the last several hundred years.  "Passion" used to mean "Pain" but now it has to do with love.  "Charity" used to mean "love" and now it means compassionate giving.  In the same way "Good" used to mean "Holy."

And Holy means set apart.

So this day is set apart.  A day of reflection.  A day in which there was a death in God.  Something that doesn't fit into our understanding but we are grateful for.  Because of this Holy day, I am made right before a Holy God.  Something I don't quite understand and often take for granted.  A Holy Day in which Jesus gave up His Holiness so that I can be made Holy.


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