Thursday, August 11, 2016

What's good for the goose . . .

I would much rather be blogging about something else but I just can't.

There are still blogs running around out there saying that the best thing for a Christian to do in this current election cycle is to vote for Trump.

I really don't care about the politics.  

Vote for whoever you want to vote for.  But please leave 'Christian' out of this - it's awkward.

It's awkward because when our best hope as believers is to vote for someone who resonates so little with following Christ, you really de-value what it means to follow Jesus.  Have we forgotten that our hope is in God, and not in an election?  God does pretty amazing things when believers follow their conscience - not who will be on the Supreme Court.  You can't calculate the odds and pray at the same time.

This election cycle is the kind of stuff that gives great sarcastic ammunition to my skeptic and unbelieving friends.

And it is so well deserved.

Morals used to matter.  In 1998 Bill Clinton was on trial for what he did with Monica Lewinsky.   The entire Southern Baptist Convention said the character of the president is important.  Character is something that is essential to our Commander-in-Chief.

Character was important when Clinton had an inappropriate sexual relationship with an intern and then lied about it.  This was a serious charge.  The president's ethics and morals are important.  In 1998 Jerry Falwell said, "He is no longer worthy to fulfill this office."  (Washington Post)  It was all about the president's character and ethics.

How times have changed . . .  

In 2015, Falwell's son endorsed Trump for president and invited him to speak about "Two Corinthians" at Liberty University's chapel.  
Talk about a flip-flop.

Now, I am sure Trump is a nice guy and probably fun to hang around with.  But even Trump has talked about how shady he was in his personal and professional life.  The guy recognizes himself that he is no boy scout.  That matters.

How crazy is it that there are theologians writing blog posts that tell us a candidates character is not as important as the rights that he will safeguard for believers?  (Townhall)  Like Cyrus, God could be using Trump to keep our nation 'Christian.'  How ironic that this kind of theology is exactly what is making our nation less and less like Christ.

Something smells fishy here . . .

If morals mattered then.

If ethics mattered then.
If character mattered then.

It all matters now.

Anything less than that tells the world that our Christian convictions are as thin as the width of a paper ballot.  Follow your conscience and let God take care of the political consequences.  The growth of faith has never depended on who is in office.

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