Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dark mornings

If you get up early like me, you noticed how dark it was this morning.

. . . but the light is coming back . . .

That's because our planet is circling back to the sun.  Though we are about to go through some of the coldest parts of the year we are on our way back to summer - a minute more each day.

One enormous cycle complete.

Like many of you, I spent the first hour or so of work today asking myself, "so what am I doing again?"  I was gearing up for 2017 - a new month, a new year - new goals and ideas.

Kind of like last year at this time.

We constantly spin in these cycles.  One ends, one begins.  Each day begins in the middle of the night.  Every minute counts only when it is done.  Every end is a new beginning.  Each beat of my heart sets up another.  Blood flowing through my body in one elaborate round trip.

Again . . . a cycle.

Even in humanity - we just bid farewell to a year that many were glad to see go.  An election put one brand of political ideas in power.  It caused quite a stir.  Eight years ago it was the other brand that caused some to lose their mind.


These elaborate circles we spin through in nature and humanity - it can cause some to feel like we are objects of fate.  That we have no control over our lives.  An ongoing spiral of unfolding time.   

But that's not true.

We may live on a planet that circles the sun but that doesn't mean we live in cycles bigger than us.  What makes us human is how we live through the cycles - not in the cycles.  

How will you respond to the challenge of this new year?  Another spin around the sun.  Another year in your job.  You can fall victim to how you view it - a pawn in a massive game someone else is playing, or an opportunity to live out your calling.  I see far too many people who have become tools of their career.  

Look - God gave you this life not to be a tool.  Your life is bigger than your job.  It's time to make your career a tool of your calling and not vice versa.

It means you have a live a little and follow God in the small steps.  That's a calling.

In your marriage you can continue to cry about what you are not getting out of it or you can step up and give the very thing that you are craving.  Make your relationships the place that you want to be.  That's your calling.  It starts with you.

That's a life that sounds a whole lot more exciting than just orbiting the sun.  

We mark our lives not with numbers but with fearless decisions to do something meaningful with the number of days that we have. 

So we are about to head into the coldest days of the year.  Days that will make you want to stay in bed.  But let's dare together to live now what we know is true - that the Son is coming.  

Go live out your calling.

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