Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tired of Facebook? Don't drop out!

Some people are so done with Facebook.  

I have seen a few friends of mine leaving Facebook because they are tired of the political rants - choosing instead to reside on Instagram - where they can mellow out in the world of over-filtered shots of your friends standing in front of brick walls, or last night's dinner.   

Like some kind of social media anti-depressant . . . is that really what you want?

Okay - here's what I get:

I too am tired of one-way bully "conversations" that are really bullhorn sessions about fear.  I'm so tired of fear.  Fear that Trump will use nukes.  Fear that Trump will lock up immigrants.  Fear, anxiety, worry  - it just makes me sad that we live in such an anxiety-prone world.

Yup, I get it - there's a lot of junk going on right now - where is our faith?

On the other side . . .
I am tired of the smirky, "we won, deal with it" political updates that make anyone disagreeing with this administration into mindless nitwits.  There are good reasons to take issue with the style of leadership that is being exhibited but instead of conversations where we can learn from each other, I see a lot of shut-downs.

I get it - all of that can be frustrating.

But here's what I don't get:

You'd rather spend your time scrolling through pictures of your friends on a beach in mid-air?  Or maybe you love the endless boomerangs of people doing a happy dance while sipping iced coffees . . . ?


This is history we are living through right now . . .

Yes, people are rude at times, but how can you retreat from a world that is engaged over issues that define us?  Not everyone is bullhorn-rude, there are actually some great discussions going in which people are learning from each other - now is the time to represent as well as listen and learn.  

Pro Tip:  You can un-follow people that are just plain mean.

Yes, there is a place for cute Cat photos, but this is the time to engage, resist, learn, listen and participate - all in the name of love.  If you run into people who are out to hurt, for goodness sakes, drop them from your feed but don't drop out of the conversation.

We need you to change the tone from coarse to courteous.  You staying in the game reminds people to be civil and open to learning.  Represent the Spirit of Christ and kindness in the spirit of mutual understanding.  

If not you, then who?

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