Thursday, April 6, 2017

So not cool to protect your marriage

So Mike Pence has come under fire because he won’t have dinner with women alone.

Remind me again we anyone is taking relationship advice from a culture that has a divorce rate over fifty percent?

This has to be about politics because why would you fault a guy who wants to keep his marriage strong?

The joke is that apparently he can't keep his hormones in check.  Some have mocked how super attractive he must be to not spend time alone with women one-on-one.   

Do they not read the statistics? 

Hellooo . . . marital affairs are usually not started by sexual attraction.  They are started emotionally – from spending long hours at work together talking about . . . work.  This bond then wanders into emotional conversations that start affairs.  And guess where that happens?

After work hours . . .  in less formal places . . . at the end of the day.

(Sounds like dinner to me . . .)

Mike Pence is right – men and women need to patrol the gateway to their heart routinely and make sure they are not allowing emotional connections to anyone other than their mate.  This is called fidelity.  Show me the track record of those mocking it and I will have proved my point.

And for crying out loud, it’s not like you can’t have a meal together  - you just invite others to join you (including <gasp> your own wife.) 

Sorry, that is way too uncool and so last century.

From the way some are talking, Pence's stance is downright oppressive.  Trevor Noah has called Pence “Sharia Mike” asking how this extreme stance is different than repressive interpretations of the Quran.

Well Trevor, if that is a question, I have three quick answers for you:

1.     “banish them to their couches and beat them”
2.     “Is not the evidence of two women equal to witness of one man?  This is the deficiency in her intelligence”
3.     Q4:24 and 33:50 – men are permitted to take women as slaves in addition to their wives.

Sorry, Trevor, sharia law is in its own league when it comes to misogyny.  

The Los Angeles Times called not having dinner with the opposite sex "a fusty practice."  Fusty means to smell stale, damp or stuffy.  I think of the smell of old people's houses . . . you know . . . people who have been married for more than fifty years and still hold hands.

I'll take fusty over flirty any day.

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