Thursday, May 4, 2017

If you think the election was stolen by Russians, it wasn't.

Live your life in such a way that you never have to hide anything.

If there is one lesson I think we can learn from the last six or seven months – it is that living with secrets is no life at all.

This week Hillary Clinton talked about her loss last November.  Honestly, I don’t think it really matters to me who is president.  I stay out of the politics of it all.  I would still be happy regardless of who is claiming to ‘run the country.’  But Clinton’s interviews are stirring up all kinds of talk about how the FBI or the Russians stole our country’s election last fall.


Maybe I am missing something here.  How did anyone steal anything?
Did the Russian government hack into our voting machines?  Were vote tallies tampered with?

Of course not - the only things stolen were emails that discussed the illegal behavior of the Clinton campaign.  Apparently, the Clinton campaign rigged the primary and stole the election from Bernie Sanders.  Some hackers got a hold of these emails and showed us the truth.

This and the FBI investigating some shady deleting of emails is what Clinton says led to her demise with the electorate.

If there were no secrets to cover up, there would never have been an issue.

No one did anything to Clinton – she did it to herself.  If there were no lies, there is no story.  Lies and illegal behavior can’t be blamed on the person that brings them to light.

Again – I don’t think our lives are that much affected by who is in the White House, so I’d be happy regardless.  What I am impressed with is how much easier life is when you don’t have anything to hide.  The moral of the story is living in the truth.

Jesus said that the truth will set you free.  This only applies to people that embrace the truth.  The opposite takes effect if you try to hide it.  Once you have secrets, the truth will only hurt you.  You become a slave to the stories you invent to keep the truth hidden.

Or eventually you lose.

So you can’t blame others for your own shady practice.  In the end, the lesson for me is that unless you want to be a slave to your secrets, try as best you can to live in the truth.

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