Monday, June 27, 2011

The D Word

There is a word that is profane to most Eagles fans . . . it is the word "Dallas."

It is profane because whereas Dallas gets the moniker "America's Team" and Dallas has the billion dollar stadium and Dallas has numerous superbowl trophies, the Eagles have nothing close to it.  Actually we did win the superbowl the year before it was called the superbowl, but that only accentuates the pain that Eagles fans live with.

So what could make an Eagles fan blog about the D word?  Another D word - Dirk . . . as in Dirk Nowitzki.  A few weeks ago I watched this lanky guy grab the ball in the fourth quarter and routinely get points when his team needed it the most.  While on the other side of the court the man dubbed "King James" could only watch and weep.  It was pure enjoyment to see the guy who has no real style or 'coolness' rely solely on determination and strength of character to win the game.  In an age of flashiness and highlight slam dunks, it was so gratifying to see heart win out.

But what was behind the scenes was even more gratifying - his shooting coach.  Sitting on the sidelines during all the games was a little known guy named Holger Geschwindne who helped develop this giant into the man that he is today.  His effort to develop Dirk in his younger years had turned into a relationship of mutual strength that proved itself beyond the game of basketball.

In the end, that is what makes the difference - people that take an interest in us and help us develop our talents and then root from the sidelines when we succeed.  What a great story of substance over style.

With that in mind, it was the reason I could root for a team from Texas.  With that in mind I could pull for a team from Dallas.  This is a major sin to Eagles fans.  Major sin.  But even that gets nullified by the great story of a lanky basketball player who runs off the court at the end of a game because he doesn't want people to see him cry.  The shooting coach who follows his student to the championship series and has a tear in his eye while his prodigy hoists the trophy over his head.  

I just wish it happened in Philadelphia!

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