Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leaving behind the accuser

We are all so messed up . . .

If you think that isn't true - just look at what is going on with Anthony Wiener right now.  You cannot look at him without looking at yourself.  He is truly representative of us as humans.

We are all just as guilty of having legitimate desires that express themselves in illegitimate ways.  Some resort to manipulating gossip, fudging the numbers on tax documents, rearranging details in an argument - whatever it is, we are all guilty of doing what we want and then trying to cover it up.  So now we all look at this guy and shake our heads and say, "what a creepster."

Regardless of what you feel, HE is US.  We are all in the same boat.

Of course you might say, "I didn't cheat on my wife" or "I didn't take pictures of myself in my skivvies."  True . . . and thank you for not doing that.  But the point is still the same - we are all broken in some way.  Our desire to see our wishes fulfilled sometimes crosses the line of what is right - and whether it is small (like carrying on that conversation with the handsome man at the store a little too long)  - medium -  (like lying to the policeman that pulled you over) - or large -  (like pocketing the extra expense money from the last business trip) - make no mistake, we are all guilty of something.

Now of course that doesn't make it right - but it definitely means that we don't have a moral high ground to argue from.  Should this guy keep his job?  Don't ask me.  Should this guy be plastered all over the internet and have rude things said about him?  I can't speak to anyone else than a person who claims to follow Jesus.  For those who claim to be Christ-followers, may it never be.  May WE be the people that are great at finding the beam in our own eyes.  Let US be the ones who are authentic about our own weaknesses.  OUR job is to heal, soothe, accept, forgive, offer grace to whoever it is, whatever the political party.  In short our job is to look past sins - to never accuse.

The word for Satan can also be rendered "the accuser" in English.  Let's not follow his lead.


  1. John - great point. Really enjoyed the book.

  2. God Loves the man, he hates the sin. If we keep this in mind, it helps put it in perspective.

  3. Your wording for "legitimate desires that express themselves in illegitimate ways" is brilliant. May I borrow them?

    I recently read that when Billy Graham came to President Clinton's support during his scandal, Graham was asked by a reporter "how can you support him after what he's done to our country?" Graham replied "It's the Holy Spirit's job to convict, God's job to judge and my job is to love."

  4. @Reid: you can, but you have to quote me!