Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am going to Haiti tomorrow and I am mostly excited and a little nervous.

I work with High School students at a church named LCBC and we have had about 30 students go to Philly, 30 students go to NYC and now we have about 45 of us headed to a tiny town named Chambrun northeast of Port au Prince.

Here is why I am excited:  The whole purpose of these trips is to see lives changed - our students (in learning that they are very wealthy and have perhaps too much) and the people in Haiti (in finding a friend from the states that cared enough to come and try to do something to help).  I am excited to see students leave behind their ipods, Facebooks, Lady Gagas, soundbytes, sarcasm, cynicism and wealth.  I am excited to see them rocked by the abject poverty of a people . . . and to see them happy.

When a girl named Ericka returned from a trip to NYC I heard that she liked being a part of someone's life for a week but would like to continue that by becoming a big sister here in the states.


It seems like God always has neat little nuggets in store when we empty ourselves of everything we have and we go to just love people.  Isn't that interesting?  I mean, isn't that in a nutshell what Jesus did in coming to this Earth?  Funny how imitating Christ is the best way to experience His faith.  We talk about faith IN Christ, but what about the faith OF Christ?

So I will be (hopefully) sending some updates from Haiti in the next week or so!  Pray for us!

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