Thursday, July 28, 2011

My ridiculous idea for saving the solvency of our government

Right now the credit rating of the US is in question . . . actually it has been in question as long as we keep spending more than we make, but it has taken until now to catch up with financial experts.  So here is my naive and ridiculous idea for how we get out of a 15 trillion dollar debt.

1.  We learn the phrase, "sorry, I'd love to help but I'm in debt up to my eyeballs."  And then we use it on everyone from Third World countries who need more money for dictators that have Bugatis.  Stop raiding your country's treasury and you might find the extra money you need to keep your roads safe.  Savings? 500 billion.

2.  We learn the phrase, "everyone cut your budgets by 20%."  And then we use it on agencies like NASA, Planned Parenthood, The Defense Department, Faith Initiatives, Education, Welfare, Medicare.  Yes, I think we would have a lot of money saved if we trimmed budgets.  We don't care how, just reduce by 20%. Savings?  500 billion.

3.  We write a phrase in the constitution, "it is illegal to spend more money than we have."  Done.

4.  We write a line into the budget: "Official Line Item for Paying off the National Debt in 20 Years."  We then appropriate this line item with 1 trillion dollars a year to pay off the national debt in 20 years.

5.  We learn the idea, "who cares what political party gets it done, we just need to get it done."  And then we practice it.

Oh if only we had the common sense to do something about it . . .

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