Monday, April 13, 2015

Bigger than the Clintons - don't let the race cloud the Grace.

Just so you know, I am a fan of opinion - good, well-thought-out, sincere and invested opinion.  It may not be what I believe or think to be right, but I love to hear people's views on everything from religion to politics.  Part of the excitement about being alive is hearing what people think can improve the world.  I am neither red nor blue - kind of an omnivore when it comes to ideas.

That is why when I see that Hillary Clinton is running for President, it gets me eager to hear what people think.  There are going to be a ton of people who love her and want a woman as president and a ton of people who think the exact opposite.  There will be the usual dividing lines of left and right and the accompanying camp-mentality that divides people (which makes this subject so intolerable for many).  

So just ease up people - life is too short to think that someone hates you because they disagree.

Let's enjoy the drama being played out in front of us.  As I was thinking about the upcoming primary season, I immediately thought that people would be sick of Bush and Clinton again.  When else in politics have there been so many re-runs?

(. . . well, actually there are those stints of divine-right rulers from Europe.  Names like Charles, James and Henry that dominated the news for millennia.  But they got to power by intrigue, back-room dealing, murder and playing on people's understanding of God and spirituality.)

This is totally different, right?

We are talking about democratic elections here.  People have the right to choose who they want to have lead them.  And it looks like we are about to go down the road of potentially choosing another Clinton in the White House.

And then it hit me - 1992 is almost 25 years ago.

Weird.  I work with High School Students.  None of them remember Operation Desert Storm.  None of them remember Ross Perot, Dan Quayle, "I created the Internet," and Monica Lewinsky.  

The last time a Clinton was in the White House was 15 years ago.  Is it possible that some younger voters will look at the upcoming White House run with fresh eyes and see only a woman running for president?  They won't look at the name Clinton with the rosy glow of the Dot Com bubble (we had a tax surplus?!) or the of the negative baggage of the Clinton Whitewater scandal.   Crazy to think that they might look at her and think . . . "oh yeah, the Grandmom."

Admittedly that is a small chunk of the voting public - and a chunk that routinely doesn't show up to vote.  Those who remember 1992 may side with Barbara Bush who has had enough of a Bush or a Clinton in the White House.  It seems some may think it is time for a change.  (As proof, I dropped the link for SNL's latest Hillary sketch at the end of the article.)

Here is what every Christian should definitely be careful of:  Christian political doomsday conversations.

Remember God works what He works with or without the White House's consent.  We won't win or lose God's favor in an election cycle.  The greatest democratic experiment took place when God gave us the free will to choose the way of Grace instead of the grave.  Work hard to see as many people come to settle their accounts with God and have peace with their Father in Heaven.  How the budget gets spent is really fluff in comparison.  

And remember that some of those conversations about eternity will start in the political arena.  So be nice.  Pause before you post - you could be shutting someone down with what you say - don't let the race cloud the Grace.

Of course . . . we can have a little fun, as long as everyone is laughing.

Here is the link to the Hillary sketch on SNL last weekend.  

 So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?  Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?

Romans 2:3-4

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