Monday, April 20, 2015

Tim Tebow as an Eagle

This totally goes against every shred of reason, but here goes:

If Tim Tebow signs with the Eagles, and . . .

If the Eagles assign him the role of quarterback (and not run blocker, punt team or locker room leader)  and . . .

If Chip Kelly doesn't trade up for Mariota this season . . .

I think Tim Tebow is going to play for the Philadelphia Eagles and I think he is going to be a huge surprise to everyone.  

I know I could eat those words, but you gotta live a little.  Listen to some of the rationale:

  • Tom House - the quarterback whisperer - has worked out with Tebow for the last 18 months and says "he's fixed."
  • This guy works like a horse.  His video of working out in college included pushing a Cadillac Escalade up a hill.  He is still working like a horse - this guy is going to make an impact.
  • As ugly as it may seem sometimes, don't forget how many times he won in Denver when it seemed ridiculous.  This is a comeback kid.
I normally don't dabble too much in athlete prospecting.  Usually athletes that try to sincerely follow God in their lives wind up performing poorly post-conversion (Deion Sanders is a spectacular example of this).  But I don't know, this could be a very interesting year if all the factors come into place.

Look for it.

If Bradford is our quarterback just watch . . . He will get hurt.  Sanchez will step in and get hurt and we will all slap our foreheads and say, "oh no, Tebow."

And then it will happen.  Mourning will turn to dancing.  Gnashing of teeth will give way to trash talking.  Women will buy millions of pink Tebow jerseys.

And I will have united theology and sports as I watch God lift up the underdog once again.

 . . . but it is a very big set of ifs.

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