Thursday, August 27, 2015

The outrage is fake from a culture of violence.

Gun violence . . . again.

In talking with a friend, it struck me that we really are not serious about ending violence with guns as long as we have a love affair with murder on TV.

. . . and on the big screen

 . . . and in our headphones

  . . . and on our gaming systems.

Everything teaches.  If you get a job in the city where you hear Spanish spoken you begin to learn Spanish.  When you have kids, you learn how to make a bottle.  We are molded by what where we spend our time.  When we read books about Navy Seals in the Middle East we begin to look at crowded markets differently.  Saltier language drifts through our minds at greater intervals.  Everything we surround ourselves with teaches us something.

So how can we not see the connection between a culture of violence and a young man who vents his frustration by walking into a television station and murdering someone?

Yes, I know guns don't kill people but they sure make it easier to murder efficiently.  It would make me feel a whole lot better if there weren't guns anywhere in the world but that won't stop murder.  Cain wasn't 'packing'.  The extremists used a jet.  We definitely have a problem with guns and we need to figure out how to protect ourselves from maniacs that wield them.

. . . but the root problem is murder.

And when the biggest TV shows and movies all surround themselves with murder we shouldn't be shocked when people are learning from it all.

Hello, Hollywood?  Why are you so silent on this?  Gaming Industry?  Eminem?  Dre?  "Straight Outta Compton" can teach us the glory of violence.   All across America in homes dotting the suburbs we are teaching people the dark respect that twisted minds are afforded when they take other people's lives on shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds.

When will we realize the multiple classrooms of murder that we offer people daily is only killing us?

So please, quit the outrage.  It is fake.  Enough of the tweets from recording 'artists' and actors/actresses who churn out glorified violence - it is completely disingenuous.  You really want to end the violence?  Break the spell.  Stop creating media that plants ideas in the heads of the mentally unstable and the clinically depressed.  Take seriously the sacred trust that has been given to you along with your platform of artistry.  Stop building a culture of violence and then mock the rest of us with your shock when it happens in real life.

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