Monday, August 17, 2015

To know is to do

This weekend I got to talk to my church about Jesus sticking his neck out for a woman who was caught in the act of adultery.  When they dragged her in front of Him, Jesus bent down and started writing in the dust.

This is the only account in the Bible of Jesus writing.

Think of that.  As the Son of God - tasked with saving mankind - He never wrote a single thing for us to remember.  No books, no pamphlets and certainly no websites.  In fact Jesus didn't give homework, never assigned reading and not once used a desk.

It seems like the way that He wanted His disciples to learn was to do.  

When you think of it, learning by doing is one of the best ways to really learn.  "You feed them" Jesus said when the thousands were looking around for something to eat after one of His teachings.  Chances are you will never forget being stressed about your own inadequacy to do something for the first time.  Learning by doing is scary but effective.  You have to trust while thinking on your feet.

This is hard for us - we like to understand before we do something.  We like to 'know what we are doing' when it seems more likely that we were meant to 'do what we are coming to know.'

Maybe you are in that time in life where you think you are just treading water.  You have no idea what you are doing and you feel like you are making it up as you go.  The fine thing about faith is that though you might feel that way - you are never alone.  When you include God on your decision making and you send up quick prayers you are never lost.  Make sure each decision you make is righteous (not selfish, vengeful, bitter, greedy etc) and talk to God through every step and you will never be out of God's will.  You will always be exactly where you need to be.  In the end - if you had to choose between the two -  doing God's will is always better than knowing God's will.


Maybe that is why it never made it's way into a book.  You know the truth - just do it.

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