Monday, September 21, 2015

You probably agree with Ben Carson

Ben Carson.

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . the man gave an opinion.  An opinion does not have to be right.  It doesn't even need to be popular.  

But it is, by the way.  Popular, that is.  The opinion that Muslims should not be in the White House is what many of us are thinking but don't say.

In fact according to the numbers, 45% of us are less likely to vote for a Muslim president.  Don't believe me?  Read it here at NPR.  

Perhaps you and I hold an opinion that isn't right.  But that is what makes it an opinion.  We might even agree that it is wrong but we just feel that way.  And guess what?  That doesn't make me a bigot or a racist or anything other than human (and maybe just honest).  

So everyone is wrong.

The right is wrong to assume that a Muslim can't be a good president.  Wrong, however, does not mean that you are a fascist (Read more here about how Carson is a fascist, racist, bigoted right wing bully).  Oh brother.  Can we get beyond the labels yet?  Is it 2015?

The left is wrong to play gotcha with such an issue.  It is also wrong to assume that we are so dumb as a people that we can't separate smart people from not-so-smart opinions.  Guess what?  Everyone has them.  I am pretty sure Steven Hawking has some really dumb opinions about culture, politics and life in general.  Noam Chomsky was known to lay an egg or two intellectually.  I am pretty sure Ayn Rand's opinions about music were dismal.  But guess what - we all have stupid opinions from time to time.  

It's called being human.

So everyone - step back from the buzzer.  Give some freedom for people to have their ideas.  That is most in line with the Constitution and Freedom of Speech and 'Merica.  If you disagree don't vote for them . . . don't start a petition to censure them.

We need free speech.  Remember all the people who died for it.

I wholeheartedly reject what Nihad Awad stated about Carson (even though I support his right to say it).

He called on Carson to:
"withdraw from the presidential race because he is unfit to lead, because his views are inconsistent with the United States Constitution."  

You can read more about that here.

Well I think that is a bunch of Horse Hockey.

And that is my opinion. 

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