Thursday, February 4, 2016

My wish for a Superbowl where we don't focus on who is black, white or hispanic.

Superbowls have been for the most part boring games.

I still remember the handful of years watching the Buffalo Bills lose to a different team.  Thank goodness there are parties that surround them - food and conversation to keep the night fun when the game gets lopsided.

Last year was an exciting exception - but I am not sure we can count on that two years in a row . . .

It is kind of assumed that the Panthers are going to steamroll the Broncos, but if this was a close game I don't know who to root for:

- I love how the Panthers give the game ball to kids in the endzone (point to Panthers)

- But I also love Peyton Manning and would love to see him go out on top. (point to Broncos)

- I love seeing Cam Newton and the offense just click so amazingly.  (point to Panthers)

- Not a real big fan of the whole unsportsmanlike-endzone-dance-thing (and the strange association now that this makes me racist because I think this is in poor taste).  (point to Broncos)

It is a shame that this last point is even a part of the conversation.  I mean we are watching people play a game in uniforms - can't we just keep track of Horses or Panthers?  Let's not even see the skin color.  My biggest issue with the Superbowl is that there won't be an Eagle.  Anywhere.

So here is my hope for the game:

* That it is close.
* That Peyton has a great game.
* That we aren't subjected to ridiculous interviewers that ask if race has anything to with it.  Please God, no.  How can we move on from our problems when we slap labels on everything so much?
* That a handful of kids get some footballs - from both teams.

Oh and the Eagles get there . . . someday.

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