Monday, February 29, 2016

No one watched the Oscars last night

Hey - the Oscars were on last night . . .

Oh, you didn't watch either?

That's weird - almost everyone I know didn't watch it.  In fact it was at an 8-year low.  Down 6% from last year.  Not even the controversy about Hollywood producers and actors not nominating black actors was enough to get people to see what Chris Rock was going to say about it.

Do you know why?

Donald Trump.  He is the sole reason behind this year's ridiculous race to Oscar night.

No, wait, sorry - wrong race.

Actually - there is no reason.  No one really cares.  I mean - look at the movies that won:

Best Picture:  Spotlight.  (A movie about priests abusing children).  Let's go see that!
Actress: Brie Larson.  (A movie about a mother who is abducted for seven years and routinely has intercourse forced on her while her son sleeps in a closet).  "I'll grab the popcorn!"
Actor:  Leo DiCaprio (A movie about someone surviving a bear attack and then getting vicious revenge).  "and at the end his friend floats on a large piece of floating wood watching him drown"
Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander (A movie about a woman's husband who turns into a transgendered woman).  "Now that sounds like a romantic date movie"
Supporting Actor:  Mark Rylance (A movie about defending a Soviet spy in court)  "da - you can't handle the truth."

Wow.  Talk about a series of movies that just make you want to go take a long nap and hope that humanity is not so dark and pathetic when you wake up.  I need some milk and cookies - and maybe I can ask my wife to read me a bedtime story.

Who actually saw these movies?

I did see the one animated winner - Inside Out.  I liked parts of it but it was depressing when Bing Bong vaporizes.  I mean seriously - Disney made a movie in which a childhood toy named Bing Bong vaporizes!!!  What is wrong with us, people?!

Our stories come from within us.  Are we as a people this dreary and depressed?  Perhaps that is why no one cares.  I don't want to see any of these movies - who wants to subject themselves to gore, rape, abuse, hopelessness and despair?

But perhaps I am in the minority.  There must be a reason people finance these movies to begin with.  I am sure millions of people watched and were moved by these films.  But what is it moving us toward?

Is this all we have left when we walk away from faith?

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