Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today is a key moment to do something bigger than you

I think most people were surprised about the results of the election last night . . .

For some it was pleasant surprise . . . others had anger, shock and sadness.  I'm sure you have seen social media comments already about leaving for Canada or, “He’s not my president.” 

For some, they are just glad it’s over. 

But there are also many people who had a lot invested in this.  Today hurts.  And those who were pleasantly surprised need to give those who weren’t the space to grieve.  Today is not the day for “you lost, get over it” kind of sentiments. 

Seriously, don’t do it.

We are at a point where we can truly move forward together if we approach this day with humility and sincere concern.  And I don’t mean politically or nationally – I mean individually.  Today is a very raw day for a lot of people.  I've heard it described like they just got shot.  And if you ever want to improve your relationship with people you disagree with, it won’t be as you stand over them saying, “I told you so.”

Today is a great day for mercy to shine.  Don’t miss it.

Ten years from now, people will remember where they were when they heard the results of the election.  Some will remember the way they felt punched in the gut.  They will remember how they entered their Facebook status: “there are no words.”

They will also long remember the way that Jesus-followers reacted.  

That’s you.

Will today be a trail of tears for your neighbors, co-workers and friends that can’t believe this day has come?  Or will it mark the day that they saw a different side of Christ-followers . . .

“Jenna, before we start this meeting, let me buy you a cup of coffee . . . I know this is a big thing . . . you okay?”

“Mark, I know you and I have had a long back-and-forth about politics.  I just want you to know I’m not going to be like that.  This country moves forward moving together.”

Hey look, Chris, I’ve said it before . . . we don’t put our faith in politics and political leaders.  I’m more concerned that you and I are good than whether someone won an election or not . . .”

Please.  Start there.  This is a time for mercy to shine and humility to be the way to show who we really put our faith in. 

Think about it – right now there are a lot of people who are linking Christ with a political party.  And we know political parties drop the ball and disappoint.  We have a lot of work to do showing people that those people will fail, but our Savior never will.

And that only happens in close proximity.

So drop the explanations of how “we” finally pushed back and start practicing the humility and care of people that is the true measure of our faith.  The election is over but the real work within our culture begins with love and concern.

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