Monday, February 16, 2015

flip things around . . .

Marcus Aurelius said time was like a river . . .

"as soon as a thing is seen, another comes and takes its place; and that will be carried away too."

. . . and who is Marcus Aurelius?

The fact that we don't know only solidifies the point that every second is owned by novelty and then it passes into obscurity.  We are creatures who pay attention to everything that is new but value the things that last for decades.

When we pay attention to the present but really value things that matter far into the future, it creates a problem for us later in life when all we have is a collection of trivial moments that really don't matter to us.  

So it is very likely that when we are 85 years old we will be destined to watch something like Wheel of Fortune and wish our children were around again.  Scratch that - we'll wish anyone was around.

. . . unless . . .

We make a distinct effort - this day - to flip things around.  

Nothing monumental - no great changes, just simple ones.  Call a friend you haven't talked to in years.  Turn off the TV and play games with your kids once in a while.  Take your spouse out for coffee tonight just for the heck of it.  Read the book you have been meaning to read.

And here is one that is most interesting . . .

Make a routine each morning to get up in the quiet and listen for God's voice.  

First 2 minutes read some scripture . . .

Next two minutes - "God I am open to your lead, what are you teaching me?"

Just listen . . . write down what you feel led to do.  This takes practice . . . give it time.

Remember what you have been told and take it into your day with a grateful "Amen."  Not "Amen, now let's get on with the day"  but rather "Amen, God - I am taking this into my day, thank you for your presence."

This practice will change you because it will make you hear God's voice each day and that will cause you to thirst for things of value.  And this will be a treasure chest of good things that will keep you as long as God sees fit to keep you here on Earth.  

And that's pretty cool.

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