Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On The Other Side of the World . . .

As connected as we like to think we are in this world, as much as we like to talk about a 'global community,' it is morbidly fascinating what is taking place within hundreds of miles of each other.  

Cruise ships are pulling into and out of ports in the country of Turkey (or slightly West in Greece) while a few hundred miles away about seventy Syrians were yanked from their beds early Monday morning and forced into Islamic State encampments that are holding them hostage.  One man refused to leave his home and was burned alive in his house.  

This happened at roughly the same time Birdman won the Oscar for best picture in Los Angeles.

The seventy (and by some estimates up to 300) that are currently being held by Islamic State could be used as cover for US-led attacks against them.  It is the equivalent of bank-robbers grabbing some hostages as the police are on their way.  

No, on second  thought, it would be the equivalent of a gang of murderous thugs in several cities across the US have killed hundreds of innocent people and posted it online while the police talk about what to do.  Then they grab hostages in case the police come after them.  They have a fresh batch ready to show the world that no one can really stop them and what they are doing.  That is the equivalent of what is going on in the Middle East.

All this while Oil Producers send emails a few hundred miles away deciding the cost of crude oil.  

And chances are the climax to this will take place during March Madness.

Not to say we shouldn't take cruises and fill out brackets and watch basketball games . . . perhaps the world would be a safer place if we had more to root for rather than root against.

But it does become really interesting to think that there are completely separate realities that are taking place right next to each other.  

Of those that were taken captive, a good portion of them were women and children.  I have a nine year old.  I tell her stories at night before she goes to bed.  She loves to sing and dance and play piano and she has beaten me at chess . . . twice.  When I go to bed at night I check in on her curled up and sleeping.  Sometimes I sneak in and kiss her cheek.

The one thing that connects me in a very uncomfortable way to what is going on is that nine year old.  Chances are that on the other side of the world right now there is a nine year old who is in a prisoner camp awaiting her fate.  I am typing on a laptop at this very moment and she is over there wondering whether she will be made into a bomb-shield or a jihadist video.  All because she is a Christian.  All because a group of Muslims have a big idea that requires people to die.

And there is nothing I can do about it.  

So we turn to you, God.
We ask that you save those who have been taken captive.
Please don't let them wind up on TV as victims.
Do something about this and deliver us from the evil that has a grip on Christians in the Middle East.
We acknowledge your timing and your plan as we intercede.


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