Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You are complete as you are . . .

With Valentines Day right around the corner, it is important to remind us all of something very important.  Here we go . . .

You are not incomplete if you don't 'have' someone.  If you are dateless or boyfriend-less or girlfriend-less you are not lacking anything.  Especially at this time of year we get weird with our preoccupation with fatalism.

Say it with me again - this time with feeling: "my life is complete with or without a significant other."

Go ahead and search the scriptures - there is nowhere that it says, "God has made a soulmate just for you and it is your life's work to find them or you will die an unhappy person." No.  This is called Christian romantic fatalism.  Plato in his Symposium introduces the idea that men and women were once joined and then cut in half by Zeus.  This is why they search for their 'other half' - it was Plato, not God who introduces the idea of 'completion.'

In fact when you look at the New Testament it looks like getting married is an option that really has nothing to do with finding or missing God's will.  You can be a great follower of Christ with or without someone in your life.  Paul actually advocates singleness if anything . . . If you don't believe me look at his letter to the Corinthians.  Regardless of what Jerry Maguire said, you are complete with or without someone in your life.

Put it this way:  if we are incomplete without a significant other then Jesus was an incomplete person.

He wasn't.  And you aren't.

Now the Bible does say that it is good for people to get married and be together.  Genesis says, "It is not good for man to be alone."  However it does not say that you are no good without someone else.  Being coupled complements our lives, it does not complete our lives.  There is a big difference.

An iPhone is a complete piece of machinery.  It gets even better with apps, a case and earbuds that actually play low frequencies but right out of the box it is complete.  You might choose to complement it in whatever way you see fit, but it lacks nothing to get going right out of the box.

Yes, someone in your life might complement your life, but stop living your life like its a romantic Easter Egg hunt.  You have too much to live for.  Live your life as a complete person looking to fulfill God's will and perhaps someone will enjoy complementing you in that direction.

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  1. This is SO refreshing! I'm so glad I read this!!